Student Testimonial

Julia Alleman

There were a few critical reasons I chose University of Cincinnati’s Behavior Analysis program. As a full-time professional, wife and mother, attending a program that provided online courses for 100% of the program was very important. Second, the strong emphasis on scientific inquiry, especially assessment, taught by Dr. Ed Lentz, a highly published researcher in the field of school psychology, was equally important. Third, the University of Cincinnati is both my father and grandfather’s alma mater, and I was pleased to choose the school that brought both of them so much pride.

The BA program has been very challenging, but being able to apply what I’ve learned in class to my work as a Senior Director of Clinical Services and Program Development for a large public charter school is truly invaluable. It’s so rewarding when I have that “Aha!” moment as a new concept becomes “real.” UC’s program provides an incredibly sound foundation for students to acquire and apply the knowledge and skills necessary to comfortably pass the BCBA board examination. I would highly recommend the BA certification program at UC to any prospective student who thrives in a learning relationship where the expectation to perform and succeed is the priority.

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