Program Managers

Program Managers Help You Reach the Finish Line

The day you receive the news that you have been accepted into one of University of Cincinnati’s online programs emphasizing Behavior Analysis is exciting and memorable. For some, it may also be a source of some apprehension. It is not uncommon, especially for first-time online students, to question if they will be able to manage graduate studies in an already busy schedule.

That is where your Program Manager is critical. From assisting with student orientation to selecting and registering for classes to acquiring class materials, your Program Manager is there to pave the way for a smooth start to every one of your classes.

You can also depend on your Program Manager to assist you in other ways. Should you have some questions about navigating the online coursework, which is very typical of first-time online students, assistance from your Program Manager is just a phone call or email away.

Your Program Manager can also provide tips on how to adjust your schedule to successfully incorporate your study obligations into your weekly schedule. Should you come upon a stumbling block, your Program Manager is ready to share ideas on how others have successfully completed the program under similar circumstances. For your Program Manager, success is defined by your graduation from the program.

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