Life as an Online Student

Flexibility Helps Make This Program Realistic for Working Professionals

Will I be able to fit my coursework into an already busy schedule? Does working on this degree mean I have to miss professional and personal activities? How demanding will my schedule be?

These concerns are very common for anyone making the commitment to continuing your education. The good news is that online classes offer maximum scheduling flexibility. You can connect with your coursework anytime, anywhere there is Internet access. Start your day an hour earlier, use your breaks or lunch hour, or begin after the kids are in bed. The beauty of the online environment is that you get to choose the time and place.

Tips to Succeed with Your Educational Experience at the University of Cincinnati:

  • Develop a structured routine, each day and each week, to get the work done.
  • Determine time frames that work best for your schedule and unique learning style.
  • Find time that is free from distractions to complete your assignments.
  • Set goals for yourself and reward yourself when you meet them.
  • Don’t procrastinate – doing the work now means free time later.
  • Apply what you learn at work and in the field to your studies.
  • Connect with your fellow students to discuss topics and network.
  • Ask questions! Our faculty members are active in the online environment.
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