Course Delivery Method

Online learning offers you not only the convenience of accessing your coursework, classmates, and instructors on your schedule, but also multiple ways to gain behavior analysis knowledge.

Learn Online

Through the course website you will access course materials, assignments, and exams. In addition, discussion forums, class email, and chats allow you to interact with your classmates, facilitators, and instructors.

Learn Through Workplace Applications

Take what you are learning in class and immediately apply it to your current work. Help cement theories and strategies into your skill set through this practical application.

Learn Together

In your virtual classroom, you will become part of a small group of peers led by a professional facilitator who will provide academic guidance. In addition to working with your group on projects, you will also have the opportunity to share real-world experiences. The professional network you build during the course of your program is one you can access long after you have completed the program.

Learn on Your Schedule

Access to course materials is available 24/7, providing you with the ability to study at home, at work, or anywhere there is Internet access. Study early in the morning, late at night, during lunch, on the weekends – the timing is up to you.

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