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University of Cincinnati is proud to offer the online Behavioral Analysis Graduate Certificate program to working professionals who might not otherwise be able to access this coursework at a university campus. We know that taking time away from work to participate in an on-campus residency program or commuting to campus to attend class may be impractical or impossible. The flexibility of UC’s online Behavioral Analysis Graduate Certificate program allows you to access the same high-quality education as those who choose the traditional format by simply turning on your computer.

While there are similarities between learning on campus and learning online, there are also some differences. Examine the two options carefully to ensure that online learning will be the right choice for you.

For more information, or if you have any questions, contact a University of Cincinnati Enrollment Advisor at 877-398-3059.

Course Delivery Method

At UC, you can learn through various methods and on your own schedule.

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A Comparison of Online and On-Campus Learning

While on-campus and online courses offer the same high-quality education, learning online does employ its own learning strategies. Which is right for you?

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