How to Become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst

To apply to sit for the BCBA exam, a master’s degree and supervised experience in the field are required. Effective January 2011, the applicant must have the appropriate degree “from an accredited university, that was conferred in behavior analysis or other natural science, education, human services, engineering, medicine or a field related to behavior analysis and approved by the BACB.” For the supervised experience requirement, the student must document a set number of hours in the field, working with clients under partial supervision. Please note that students who have a bachelor’s degree and wish to sit for the BCaBA are encouraged to confirm with the BACB prior to pursuing this program for certification. The program is not approved for the BCaBA credential, but this does not mean that someone who graduated from the program would not be able to sit for this exam.

While the BCBA certification carries significant professional value, each state has its own unique licensure requirements. Every student will need to check with the state board where they intend to practice to confirm that they are adhering to specific state requirements.

For more information about the eligibility requirements for the BCBA and BCaBA certification, please visit the Behavior Analysis Certification Board website.

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