Behavior Analysis Resource Center

The Behavior Analysis Resource Center is designed to provide you with tools and information that address your academic, career and certification questions. You will find definitions and articles covering a variety of topics in the behavior analysis field.

Additionally, the Center contains invaluable career information, including how to become board certified, typical salaries and job descriptions, and guidance on how to conduct a job search.

Behavior Analyst Certification

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification is a valuable credential in the field and strongly recommended to UC students.

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How to Become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Several steps and requirements are needed to sit for the BCBA or BCaBA certification exams. To learn more about completing these steps, click here.

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Behavior Analyst Jobs

Behavior analysis is a profession that can go in several different directions. With a variety of options available to the professional behavior analyst, which one would you choose?

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Behavior Analyst Salary

Salary trends in behavior analysis support the conventional wisdom that it is a field with growing opportunities.

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