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Like children, some pets can be well-behaved and obedient, while others have behavioral issues. When a dog’s behavior is problematic, it creates a challenging and potentially expensive situation for their owners. If left uncorrected, behavior that may seem cute or slightly annoying at first can escalate over time. A dog that jumps as a puppy, for example, may seem playful and harmless; however, as an adult dog, it can knock over and hurt people. A dog that begs is at risk of consuming food that is dangerous to its health. Issues such as barking can cause problems with one’s neighbors, and chewing can destroy furniture, clothing, and other items in the home. Biting, aggression, and running away are all behavioral issues that must be corrected for a safer and happier dog and household. Training is key for preventing this type of behavior. Ideally, dogs should receive training as a puppy, but older dogs can also receive training to correct bad behavior. In some cases, a dog’s behavioral issues may require the help of a professional trainer, either on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting.

Common Dog Behavior Issues

When visiting this ASPCA page, pet owners can read about common behaviors that dogs display, such as barking and aggression.

Dog Behavior Training: Proven Techniques to Help Solve Problem Behaviors

On this page, readers will find a list of general principles for dog behavior training.

Puppy Separation Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Puppies can suffer from anxiety when they are left alone for any length of time. This anxiety can cause problematic behavior.

Treats: Using Treats in Training Your Dog

Treats are a common way to encourage positive behavior in dogs. This page explains how to use treats during the training process.

Dog Training: Nothing in Life Is Free

Pet owners interested in reversing attention-seeking behavior can learn about a technique called “Nothing in Life Is Free” by clicking on this link.

Howling in Dogs

Howling is a problematic and annoying problem that can upset dog owners and neighbors alike. This article explains problems that may cause howling and what dog owners can do to prevent it.

Down Command (PDF)

Read how to teach dogs the down command with this San Francisco SPCA instructional sheet.

Improper Attention-Seeking in Dogs

In this article, the Anti-Cruelty Society discusses improper attention-seeking in dogs and how dog owners can prevent it.

Dog Behavior: Bad Behavior in Dogs

Certain types of negative behavior are common with dogs. This page discusses these problems and how dog owners can remedy them.

Five Essential Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

Click here to learn for commands that can aid in the behavioral training of a dog.

Ten Common Dog Behavior Problems

Read about the ten most common dog behavior issues and possible solutions on this page.

Ten Best Training Tips

Dog owners who read this article on the Pedigree website can learn about the ten best training tips for their pet.

Reducing Problem Behaviors Through Management

Some dog display problematic behavior that ranges from jumping onto counters to digging in gardens. This page lists some of these problems as well as management ideas.

Training Tips for Your Dog

The American Animal Hospital Association offers a list of general training tips for one’s dog, including how to sit and relax.

Training an Aggressive Dog

Watch this video to learn about how to tame a potentially dangerous canine.

Turning Your Adopted Dog Into a First-Class Family Member

When bringing a new puppy home, it’s important to start the relationship the right way, which means training it properly. Training includes crate and behavioral adaptations.

Tips for Picking a Dog Trainer

When looking for a trainer to help or prevent behavioral issues, it’s important that dog owners pick the right person.

CIA Top Ten Dog Training Tips

Training a dog can be complicated and frustrating for many owners. This article provides ten tips from the CIA on how to train one’s dog.

Dog Behavior Tips (PDF)

A wide range of behavioral problems can arise when one has a dog. This document from the Regional Animal Services of King County strives to offer helpful tips on different issues that owners may encounter.

Quick Training Tips

People who visit this page will get tips on training their dog and avoiding destructive habits such as chewing, eliminating on the floor, and digging.

Solving Barking Problems (PDF)

Incessant barking is a behavior that can cause a significant amount of problems if left unchecked. For reasons why dogs engage in problematic barking and recommendations on how to prevent it from happening, read this document.

Animal Planet: Behavioral Problems

Read this Animal Planet article on dog behavioral problems for advice on how to prevent or resolve them.

Dog Behavior

Dog owners who are looking for ways to help their animals behave normally will find a list of the RSPCA’s top tips here.

Getting the Behavior You Want From Your Dog

All dog owners want a well-behaved dog that others will envy. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. This article gives dog owners advice on how to get their canine to behave in a way that they want.

The Canine Escape Artist (PDF)

When a dog escapes from the security of its home or yard, there is the risk of injury or even death. People who read this document can educate themselves on why some dogs run and what can be done to prevent it.

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