Master of Education in Foundations in Behavior Analysis Curriculum

The online Master of Education in Foundations in Behavior Analysis provides students with foundational knowledge in applied behavior analysis, education, and psychology related to practice in schools and other agencies serving children, including those with disabilities. The curriculum of the MEd in Foundations in Behavior Analysis program includes the six courses that are required in the online Behavior Analysis Graduate Certificate program and four additional courses. These courses are aligned with the content standards of the Behavior Analysis Certification Board and cover functional behavior assessment/analysis/intervention for academic and behavior problems, data-based decision making, single-case design research methodology, and ethical standards for practice.

Number Course Name Credit Hours
SPSY 8010 Applied Behavior Analysis I 3
SPSY 7041 Ethics for Behavioral Practice and Research 3
SPSY 8011 Applied Behavior Analysis II 3
SPSY 8024
SPSY 8025
Academic Assessment and Intervention
Family Intervention and Early Intervention
SPSY 8015 Functional Behavior Assessment 3
SPSY 8012 Behavior Research Methods/Accountability Methods 3
SPSY 8025 Family Intervention and Early Intervention 3
SPSY 7043 Child Development 3
SPSY 7042 Working with Cultural & Linguistic Diversity in School Psychology 3
SPSY 7044 Frameworks for Disabilities/Disorders SPP 3
Total Credit Hours 30


Course Descriptions

The course descriptions for all courses in the graduate programs focused on behavior analysis can be found on the Course Descriptions page.

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