Working with Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in School Psychology

This course is designed to (1) develop school psychologists’ sensitivity and awareness of diversity factors related to culture, context, and individual and role differences that influence values, beliefs, and behaviors, (2) gain an understanding of culturally-responsive data-based decision making, consultation and collaboration, and direct and indirect services for individuals, families, and schools with diverse characteristics, cultures, and backgrounds within a multi-tiered delivery system, (3) develop an understanding of how to provide cross-culturally competent and ethnically-valid instructional practices for all children, families, and schools in order to address disproportionate representation of diverse populations in educational categories, (4) promote social justice and recognition that cultural, experiential, linguistic, and other areas of diversity may result in different strengths and needs and advocate for culturally responsive systems that ensure learning environments that are culturally relevant, respectful, responsive, and rigorous.

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