Course Descriptions

The online graduate programs emphasizing Behavior Analysis are designed to prepare you to be a competent, knowledgeable professional working in the field of behavior analysis. Courses address assessment and intervention services to all students in educational settings, as well as to persons in other clinical settings. Coursework covers functional behavior assessment/analysis/intervention for academic and behavior problems, data-based decision making, single-case design research methodology, and ethical standards for practice. Explore the course descriptions to learn more about the skills examined in this program.

If you are interested in serving individuals with learning or behavior problems in a school, clinical, or residential setting, the University of Cincinnati can help you learn the essentials of Behavior Analysis — all in a flexible format that allows you to balance work, family, and school priorities. Enjoy the benefit of immediately applying concepts learned in your online courses to your current role.

Child Development

Provides an overview of theory and empirical research related to child development from infancy through adolescence.

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Working with Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in School Psychology

Explore how diversity factors influence behaviors and what teaching measures work best in diverse populations.

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Frameworks for Disabilities and Disorders within School Psychology Practice

An introduction to the foundations for child development, disability, developmental psychopathology, and diversity within individual development.

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Applied Behavior Analysis I

This course provides the foundation for all of your Behavior Analysis online courses.

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Applied Behavior Analysis II

Learn about the design and implementation of interventions for social/behavioral problems.

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Academic Assessment and Intervention

Learn how to assess student progress and link assessment to intervention.

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Ethics for Behavioral Practice and Research

Learn about the ethical and legal standards that guide practice in behavior analysis.

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Family Intervention and Early Intervention

Learn about early prevention and intervention skills that can be used in a classroom or agency or at home.

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Functional Behavior Assessment

Functional assessment and intervention planning for clients with severe disabilities is the focus of this course.

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Behavioral Research and Accountability Methods

Using behavior research methods and examining single case designs for improving learning and behavior are at the core of this course.

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  • Leigha says:

    For the Master’s degree program for Behavioral Analysis are the students required to do a thesis to graduate?

  • Leigha,

    Great question! There is no thesis required in either the Master of Education in School Psychology or the Graduate Certificate in Behavior Analysis. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Enrollment Advisors at 877-398-3059.

  • Karen McCollough says:

    Question #1: Does this program contain all the courses for state licensure in Ohio?

    Question #2: Is there financial aide available for ones pursuing a second Masters degree?

  • Linda Smith says:

    Do you have a practicum as part of your program? Linda Smith

  • We currently do not have a practicum as part of the curriculum, but we are looking into potentially bringing one online so that our students would be able to use their financial aid money to help pay for the supervision required by the BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board). However, even if we bring a practicum online, we will still always recommend that you look for someone in your area, via the Board’s website, to see if you can find someone willing to do it for free. The Board has an independent field work option that would allow you to complete the field experience at your place of employment, or somewhere in which you were volunteering, provided that you would be able to meet the required activities set forth by the Board. Please feel free to contact your Enrollment Advisor for more tips on the Board’s fieldwork option.

  • Question #1: Our Master’s program is designed to help people meet the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s degree and certification coursework requirements to become eligible to sit for their certification exam. However, the online Master’s program does not lead to licensure as a School Psychologist, like our on-campus programs do.

    Question #2: Yes, provided that you have not meet the Federal Government’s aid limit, which at the Master’s level is $134,000.

  • Maxwell says:

    Would my application be considered if I do not meet the 3.0 GPA criteria?

  • Hi Maxwell, the admissions committee reviews applications holistically, so there are things that you can do to strengthen your application if you have lower than a 3.0. Submitting additional letters of recommendation, having a really strong goal statement, and strong work experience can all have the potential to balancing a lower GPA. Please contact your Enrollment Advisor to discuss your GPA and how you can strengthen your application before moving forward with an application. We can be reached at 877-398-3059.

  • LIZ says:


  • Jose says:

    There is no thesis, is there a comprehensive exam?

  • Yes, there is a comprehensive designed to prepare you for the Board’s exam.