Behavior Analysis Graduate Certificate Curriculum

The online Graduate Certificate in Behavior Analysis is designed to prepare you to be a competent, knowledgeable professional working in the field of behavior analysis. The coursework covers functional behavior assessment, analysis and intervention for both academic and behavioral issues, data-based decision making, single-case design research methodology, and ethical standards for practice. Explore the course descriptions to learn more about the skills examined in this program.

Number Course Name Credit Hours
SPSY 8010 Applied Behavior Analysis I 3
SPSY 7041 Ethics for Behavioral Practice and Research 3
SPSY 8011 Applied Behavior Analysis II 3
SPSY 8024
SPSY 8025
Academic Assessment and Intervention
Family Intervention and Early Intervention
SPSY 8015 Functional Behavior Assessment 3
SPSY 8012 Behavior Research Methods/Accountability Methods 3
Total Credit Hours 18

Course Descriptions

The course descriptions in the Behavior Analysis graduate programs can be found on the Course Descriptions page.

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