Application Instructions

There are four steps to complete the application for admission into the online Behavior Analysis program.

Step 1: Contact an Enrollment Advisor at 877-398-3059 to begin the application process.
Your Enrollment Advisor will provide you with all the necessary forms you will need to complete to begin your application. Because you will need to assemble information and provide documentation prior to moving to the next steps, your Enrollment Advisor will be a helpful resource as you move through the application process.

Step 2: Order Your Official Transcripts
We need original transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended, even if the coursework is listed on another transcript. Even if you have only taken one class at a particular institution, we still need that transcript to consider your application complete. The address to which all of your transcripts should be sent is:

Behavior Analysis Online Program
University of Cincinnati
Offsite Admissions Center
2145 MetroCenter Blvd., Suite 400
Orlando, Florida 32835

Step 3: Complete the Online Graduate Application.
If you have not done so, please contact an Enrollment Advisor at 877-398-3059. Next, go to the online graduate application: Click Here

Important: you must have two Letters of Recommendation, your Goal Statement, and your Curriculum Vitae/Resume in order to complete Step 3. After you have started the application, you can save your information and logout. When you return to finish, simply log in and continue. Completing the online application should take about 30 minutes. Your application is processed once you click Submit and pay the application fee. Once submitted, you cannot make any changes to the application.

Step 4: Submit the Supplemental Information Form & Pre-Registration Packet.
Complete the Supplemental Information form & Pre-Registration Packet, making sure to sign and date it. Email or fax the form to your Enrollment Advisor. Please note that scanning is the preferred method to ensure that the document is received in its entirety.

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