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Choosing the right time to begin your graduate training focused on behavior analysis is an important decision. Your personal and professional goals and obligations are certainly factors to be considered. A tremendous advantage of the online graduate programs emphasizing Behavior Analysis at the University of Cincinnati is they offer maximum flexibility in scheduling your coursework around other responsibilities. What at first seems an impossibility can become doable with the 24/7 accessibility of an online program.

Use the table below to help you determine the best time for you to begin your applied behavior analysis degree at the University of Cincinnati.

Term Spring 18′ Summer 17′ Fall 17′
Application Deadline 11/13 TBD 7/15
Registration Deadline 1/8 TBD 8/20
Class Start Date 1/9 TBD 8/21


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  • Laura says:

    Is there a way to look at the syllabi for the courses I will take as a student enrolled in the Online Behavior Analysis Graduate Certificate program?